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Bored Employee

Review: Tucano Filo Hard Folio Case for iPad Air


I’ve been searching for a proper iPad Air case since I first got my iPad Air. My initial thought was to not use a case at all as I do not want to compromise the thinness of the iPad Air with a casing, increasing it’s weight in the process.


However past experiences told me otherwise (I once dropped my iPad 2 face down on the floor). Therefore the search continues.

I got my hands on the Tucano Filo Hard case for the iPad Air at the mall. The acid green colour caught my attention.

The Filo is easy to install. Just snap the right side of the iPad air to 2 plastic points and press down on the left side to secure it.


The exterior of the casing provides a comfortable grip without increasing the thickness of the iPad. The casing is hard but flexible, giving the impression of a thin hardcover book.image
The felt interior gives a soft and smooth touch when holding the iPad. You can flip out the casing and adjust the viewing angle of your iPad in any angle. Instead of using grooves to secure the iPad, the Filo uses the felt material to prop the iPad horizontally at any angle.

I like the snap of the casing when opening or closing the iPad. Note that the casing does not have the magnetic sleep/wake function as the magnet was instead used for the snap i mentioned above.

Overall this is a really good casing despite the lack of sleep/wake functionality. The slim design provides a certain level of protection without compromising the thinness of your iPad air. Its exterior provides an elegant grip and the magnetic snap when opening or closing the lid is a nice touch.

iPad Air or Retina iPad mini

To buy the iPad Air or Retina iPad mini ?

This is a question that troubles the most of us geeks recently. Well only Apple geeks in general.

The iPad Air feels like a significant improvement over my current iPad 3. I’ve used iPads ever since the beginning and have seen various improvements over the last 4 years. This year’s improvements increased by leaps and bounds due to the decrease in weight and thus allowing you to hold it longer without getting tired.

What makes this year’s version harder to choose is that both the iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina Display basically have the same specs. The only difference between the two would be their screen sizes. This is huge in the iPad history as this may be the first step Apple is making towards domination in the Post-PC era. While there are reports of iPad mini with retina display having a lower clock speed, i feel that the difference would be insignificant except for some gamers.

iPad Air also has better color gamut compared to the iPad mini with Retina Display. This would most likely be insignificant for most users. That made my choice clearer.

Getting the 128GB iPad Air will allow me to edit photos on it. I would also like to embrace the Post-PC era and this generation of iPads are a big step towards that goal.

Yes. iPad Air for me this time.